Stonybrook Yoga and Holistic Center offers Buti Yoga to nourish the body as well as various Spiritual, Wellness, Meditation and Consciousness Classes to nurture the soul and spirit. Starting in the fall we will offer Zumba Dance!

Stonybrook Founder, Erica Rock was born an Intuitive and has a sincere passion for assisting people to open, Awaken and expand their Spiritual Connection to their Inner Divine and step fully into their self mastery.

Erica has created several local and global spiritual programs, helping people to get started on their spiritual journey, open to their innate gifts and talents or for those already Awakened to deepen and embody that Awakening further.

In 2009 she launched the Awakening into Oneness Global Experiment which is a self paced online program filled with Divine Light Energy and Grace to Initiate one’s Enlightenment process or deepen it along with simple teachings to help you fly in the direction which Grace wants to carry you, “Your Highest and Greatest Destiny”, getting the conscious mind on board and in alignment with your life purpose so you can live it.




Profesional Yoga master's, Meditation Guru's, Healing and other
experts in our Stonybrook Yoga Center


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